Thursday, November 13, 2008

I come here tonight worried. Yesterday my SIL was admitted into a mental hospital. Dan has not been himself since the fall last December and lately his mental health has gotten worse. He was talking suicide, and says the walls are bleeding, that blood is pouring down the walls. My Emma had no other choice but to call their lawyer and together with the doctor they had Dan admitted. He is in there under suicide watch. Emma knows one of Dan's older brothers (Howard) hung himself, so she wants to make sure Dan doesn't try anything. I have been praying about this since yesterday. Could you please send up a prayer or good thought for Dan. I haven't had much sleep the past week, so I am pretty tired. I promise to get to your blogs as soon as I can.GOD BLESS.........................CINDY

Saturday, October 25, 2008

HELP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can't get my jland journals from aol to transfer here. Can someone email me directions on what to do please?????????????


Sunday, October 5, 2008


I thought I should make an entry in here, since it has now become my new home, thanks to aol giving us the boot. I have alot to learn here, such as adding things from my side bar and all. I haven't had much time for the computer lately or to talk to friends on im. With Emma and Dan's medical problems my days are so full and at night I am so tired I cannot see straight. My body gets to hurting so bad I have to go laydown. I can't wait for our insurance cards to get here. Then I have all kinds of appointments to make. Cancer doctor, primary doctor, dental surgeon, eye doctor. Lately my heart has been racing, even wakes me up at night, I start sweating, get short of breathe and have to sit up and drink something cold. My feet have been swelling to the point that they hurt and are red, and I am losing muscle tone in my right arm making my left arm look swollen. I have 3 small lumps in my left wrist inside a vein where they tried to inject me with that medicine that makes you feel like your going into cardiac arrest when I had that stress test and they took pics of my heart, and those lumps are painful, and sting. I guess this ol body is falling apart. My knees pop and crackle and ohhhhh boy that hurts. My daughter Emma says I should talk to my doctor about maybe being checked for MS. Should I?
Well, things here are ok. Dan has to have alot of tests. He isn't getting any better. He has problems walking and standing to long. Now he has found a lump in his chest next to his nipple so the doctor wants him to get a mammogram. In his back where they put the screws, we now know one has moved because we can actually feel the screw. There will be another surgery for him, I just know it. Emma is grouchy at times due to a few things. 1 being the cast on her hand and arm, 2. she had to go to the ER the other day because she was in alot of pain. She has a kidney stone the size of a nickel, and 3 she has 2 large cists on her ovaries causing her alot of pain. She has to go see her GYNO for that. The kids are all doing well. The girls are doing great in school, Daniel is doing well with me teaching him at home, and the baby learns more and more each day. All day long she says, Poppop, but when he gets home, it's mama, lol. Well, I guess there's not much more to write about tonight. I am tired and going to bed. Have a great weekend everyone, your all in my prayers, and please remember..... I love you all. Your a wonderful part of my life.
Love ya lots...............Cindy xoxoxoxoxox
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